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TRICHOMES Tech in Cannabis

Aug 31, 2021

TIC - Ep. 15 - Compliance & Regulation: A New System For An Emerging Cannabis Space with Dede Perkins of ProCanna


Today, we are joined by Dede Perkins of ProCanna, a cannabis compliance management software. We talk about how she transitioned from a writer to ASUS founder and how her experience helping businesses apply...

Aug 17, 2021

TIC Ep. 14 - Cannabis Brands & Dispensaries, Learn About A Tech Enabling Powerful Collaboration with Jeffrey Harris of Springbig

Today, we are joined by Jeffrey Harris of SpringBig, they're one of the most successful cannabis marketing and loyalty platforms on the market today, and we talk about how dispensaries are...

Aug 6, 2021

TIC Ep. 13 - Creating Safe, & Enjoyable Cannabis Products For Adults

Today, we are joined by Kyle Sherman, CEO and founder of Flowhub. Today we talk about how he turned his mission to make safe cannabis products accessible to every adult on planet earth into one of the fastest growing cannabis dispensary software...