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TRICHOMES Tech in Cannabis

Apr 6, 2021

On this episode recorded on 03/15/2021, Jason Kitamura is joined by Brad Lim-Senesac, Chief Marketing Officer of WARPSPD. WARPSPD has taken their A.I. marketing technology that is currently used by Apple, to increase sales in cannabis retail stores. WARPSPD is not only making the cannabis buying experience more engaging with gamification and custom products, but they're making history by developing the first cannabis friendly digital wallet that can be used to buy products via their daily deals app called LOQ8. They are making big waves in the industry and Brad discusses how their products work, how they help cannabis businesses, and how they made it happen.'s Website        

Facebook: @Warpspdai @LOQ8Life        

Instagram: WARPSPDai  LOQ8Life        

Twitter: @warpspdai @LOQ8Life


Brad Lim-Senesac' s LinkedIn talks with game changers in the tech community to gain valuable insights into the future of the fast paced cannabis industry.

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