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TRICHOMES Tech in Cannabis

Mar 23, 2021

On this episode of Tech in Cannabis recorded on 03/08/2021, Jason Kitamura is joined by Sarvesh Mathur of Greenbits, the largest retail platform in cannabis with over four billion dollars in sales processed annually. Sarvesh talks about how he began his career as a CTO in the cannabis space, along with how Greenbits is helping dispensaries be successful far beyond through their point of sale systems. They also discuss compliance with tools like powerful analytic data and first-class education, and certification for their employees.


Greenbits is the complete cannabis retail platform. They increase sales by providing business solutions that make regulated retail safer, smarter, and easier. Greenbits serves more retailers, processes more transactions, and rings more sales than any other retail platform.


Greenbits' Website        




Sarvesh's LinkedIn Profile talks with game changers in the tech community to gain valuable insights into the future of the fast paced cannabis industry.

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